OUA Male Coach of the Year

2018-19 Dave Smart Carleton Men's Basketball
2017-18 Taffe Charles Carleton Women's Basketball
2016-17 Peyvand Mossavat UOIT Women's Soccer
2015-16 Marty Calder Brock Wrestling
2014-15 Shawn Camp Guelph Men's Hockey
2013-14 Dave Smart Carleton Men's Basketball
2012-13 Byron MacDonald Toronto Men's Swimming
2011-12 Dave McDowell Queen's Women's Soccer
2010-11 Matthew Holmberg Queen's Women's Hockey
2009-10 Pat Sheahan Queen's Football
2006-07 Chris Oliver Windsor Men's Basketball
2005-06 Sandie Mackie Carleton Men's Soccer
2004-05 Dave Smart Carleton Men's Basketball
2003-04 Dennis Fairall Windsor Cross Country/Track & Field
2001-02 Clarke Singer Western Men's Hockey
2000-01 Greg Marshall McMaster Football
1999-00 Dean Boles Laurier Swimming
1997-98 Jack Fairs Western Squash

OUA Female Coach of the Year

2018-19 Rachel Flanagan Guelph Women's Hockey
2017-18 Colette McAuley Guelph Women's Rugby
2016-17 Rachel Flanagan Guelph Women's Hockey
2015-16 Kristine Drakich Toronto Women's Volleyball
2014-15 Chantal Vallée Windsor Women's Basketball
2013-14 Beth Barz Queen's Women's Rugby
2012-13 Chantal Vallée Windsor Women's Basketball
2011-12 Vicki Croley Western Track & Field
2010-11 Chantal Vallée Windsor Women's Basketball
2009-10 Brenda Willis Queen's Men's Volleyball
2008-09 Chantal Vallée Windsor Women's Basketball
2007-08 Lisa Patterson Lakehead Nordic Skiing
2006-07 Theresa Burns McMaster Women's Basketball
2005-06 Marilyn Douglas Windsor Women's Volleyball
2004-05 Angela Orton Guelph Women's Basketball
2003-04 Angie McLeod Ottawa Women's Basketball
2002-03 Linda Melnick Guelph Women's Volleyball
2001-02 Vicki Croley Western Cross Country/Track & Field
2000-01 Karen Hughes Toronto Women's Hockey
1999-00 Karen Hughes Toronto Women's Hockey
1997-98 Beth Ali Toronto Field Hockey

OUA Team of the Year

The OUA Team of the Year is presented to one team (male, female, combined) that has demonstrated outstanding performance, compelling story and overall success.

Beginning in 2017-18, the OUA recognized a male and female team of the year.

2018-19 McMaster Marauders Basketball / Guelph Gryphons Hockey Carleton Ravens Basketball
2017-18 Ryerson Rams Volleyball / Carleton Ravens Basketball Western Mustangs Football
2016-17 UOIT Women's Soccer  
2015-16 Toronto Varsity Blues Women's Volleyball  
2014-15 Western Mustangs Women's Hockey  
2013-14 Toronto Varsity Blues Men's Swimming  
2012-13 Windsor Lancers Women's Basketball  
2011-12 McMaster Marauders Football  
2010-11 Windsor Lancers Women's Basketball  

OUA Athletes of the Year

The OUA Athlete of the Year is awarded to one male and one female student-athlete who has stood out amongst their peers in the given season
2018-19 Theanna Vernon Ryerson Volleyball

Jace Kotsopoulos / Kadre Gray

Guelph / Laurentian 

Soccer / Basketball

2017-18 Kylie Masse Toronto Swimming Kadre Gray Laurentian Basketball
2016-17 Claire Sumner Queen's Cross Country Jonathan Lao York Soccer
2015-16 Kylie Masse Toronto Swimming Stephen Maar McMaster Volleyball
2014-15 Korissa Williams Windsor Women's Basketball Ross Proudfoot Guelph XC / Track
2013-14 Khamica Bingham York Track & Field Philip Scrubb Carleton Men's Basketball
2012-13 Britt Benn Guelph Rugby Kyle Quinlan* McMaster Football
2011-12 Jacey Murphy Guelph Rugby Kyle Quinlan McMaster Football
2010-11 Jessica Clemençon* Windsor Basketball Tyson Hinz* Carleton Basketball
2009-10 Liz Knox Laurier Hockey Michael Faulds Western Football
2008-09 Lindsay Carson Guelph Cross Country/Track & Field Francesco Bruno York Soccer
2007-08 Lindsay DeGroot McMaster Basketball Aaron Doornekamp Carleton Basketball
2006-07 Eilish McConville Queen's Soccer Daryl Stephenson Windsor Football
2005-06 Kate Allgood Brock Hockey Osvaldo Jeanty* Carleton Basketball
2004-05 Cindy Eadie Laurier Hockey Jesse Lumsden* McMaster Football
2003-04 Alison Goodman Laurier Soccer & Hockey Rob Smart Carleton Basketball
2002-03 Tara Hedican Guelph Wrestling Ryan McKenzie* Windsor Cross Country/Track & Field
2001-02 Liz Warden* Toronto Swimming Ben Chapdelaine McMaster Football
2000-01 Jennifer Rawson Toronto Hockey Kojo Aidoo* McMaster Football
1999-00 Janet Cook McMaster Swimming Michael Potts* Western Soccer
1998-99 Lamide Oyewumi Toronto Track & Field Steve Maga McMaster Basketball
1997-98 Foy Williams* Toronto Track & Field Titus Channer* McMaster Basketball
1996-97^ Karen Jackson York Basketball Titus Channer McMaster Basketball
1995-96^ Justine Ellison* Toronto Basketball Aaron Pomery Brock Wrestling
1994-95^ Kelly Dinsmore Windsor Track & Field Bill Kubas* Laurier Football
1993-94^ Kelly Dinsmore Windsor Track & Field Tim Tindale* Western Football
1992-93^ Nancy Sweetnam Laurentian Swimming Tim Mau Guelph Basketball
* - named CIS Athlete of the Year
^ - Prior to 1997-98 males at Ontario universities represented the Ontario University Athletics Association (OUAA) and females competed in the Ontario Women's Interuniversity Athletics Association (OWIAA)

OUA Selections to U SPORTS Top 8

2012-13 Alicia Brown Toronto Track & Field Steven Takahashi Western Wrestling
2011-12 Nicole Sassine Windsor Track & Field Darragh McGee Toronto Soccer
2010-11 Erika Reiser Windsor Track & Field Shujon Mazumber Toronto Wrestling
2009-10 Megan Brown Toronto Track & Field Dillon Heap Laurier Football
2008-09 Noelle Montcalm Windsor Track & Field Keith Beavers Waterloo Swimming
2007-08 Brae Anne McArthur Guelph Track & Field Brad Rootes Brock Basketball
2006-07 Jackie Malette Windsor Track & Field Justin Hall Queen's Track & Field
2005-06 Jackie Malette Windsor Track & Field Joel Scherban Lakehead Hockey
2004-05 Allison Oosterhuis Western Soccer Ian McLeod Toronto Swimming
2003-04 Lulu Bursztyn McMaster Wrestling Sagar Desai Western Basketball
2002-03 Alison Mills McMaster Volleyball Rob Smart Carleton Basketball
2001-02 Lauren Fratesi Ottawa Swimming Alexander Hayes Ottawa Swimming
2000-01 Karina Verdon Ottawa Hockey Andy Kwiatkowski Western Basketball
1999-00 Kristine Spekkens Queen's Volleyball Alexander Hayes Ottawa Swimming
1998-99 Natalie Cote Ottawa Track & Field Bob McGill Queen's Track & Field
1997-98 Rebecca Chambers Toronto Track & Field Tim Cowan McMaster Swimming
1996-97 Laurie Halfpenny Guelph Soccer Russell Jones Toronto Swimming
1995-96 Vicki White Ottawa Soccer David Kantor Queen's Volleyball
1994-95 Karen Jackson York Basketball David Kantor Queen's Volleyball
1993-94 Karen Jackson York Basketball Craig Donaldson Western Hockey

OUA J.P. Loosemore Award

The J.P. Loosemore award is given to an individual who exemplifies the best in university sport in terms of ethics, integrity and honesty. The recipient is to be evaluated on his/her administrative contribution to university sports; coaching expertise is not part of the criteria
2019 Chuck Mathies
2018 Janean Sergeant
2017 Therese Quigley
2016 Marilou Iusi
2015 NA
2014 NA
2013 Paul Carson
2012 NA
2011 NA
2010 Dr. Lorne Adams
2009 Bill Keeler
2008 Patricia Murray*
2007 NA
2006 John McFarlane
2005 Bob Boucher
2004 Bob Davis
2003 Dr. Norm Lavoie / Sheila Forshaw*
2002 Paul Wilson / Karen Danylchuk*
2001 Mike Bean & Darwin Semotiuk
2000 Bob Fullerton
1999 John McConachie
1998 NA
1997 Rich Newbrough
1996 NA
1995 Les Prince / Janean Sergeant*
1994 Therese Quigley*
1993 Wally Delahey
1992 Robert Pugh
1991 Bill Oliver / Marilyn Pattison*
1990 Sue Inglis*
1989 Arnie Lowenberger
1988 Keith Harris / Marion (Cookie) Leach*
1987 Dave Copp / Marge Holman*
1986 Ray Johnson / Helen Luckman* & Judy McCrae*
1985 Dave Moriarty / Sally Kemp*
1984 Dave Knight / Mary Appleton*, Rose Hill*, Ruth Priddle*
1983 Al Lenard / Gail Blake* & Liz Hoffman*
1982 Carl Totzke / Sandra Knox*
1981 Jack Kennedy / Mary Foster*, Mary Keyes*, Shirley Peterson*, Pat Pickard*, Annie Turnbull*
1980 JP Metras & Dr. James Stevens / Gladys Bean*
1979 Dalt White / Mary Lyons* & Candace Stothart*
1978 WF Mitchell / Pat Davis* & Anne Hewitt*
1977 Harry Griffiths
1976 Al Smith
1975 Phyllis Lea
NA - Not Awarded
* Prior to 2010 the female award was named the OWIAA Honour Award

John McManus Award 

The John McManus Award is given to a retired OUA coach that exemplifies the highest ideals and qualities of sportsmanship and service while engaged in coaching in university sport. Male and female coaches, including assistants, with a minimum of seven years of OUA experience are eligible.
2019 Rick Osborne
2018 Brenda Willis
2017 Peter Campbell
2016 Dennis Fairall
2015 Chris Critelli
2014 NA
2013 Jack Fairs
2012 Bob Bain
2011 Dan Lang
2010 Larry Haylor
2009 Richard Deschatelets
2008 NA
2007 Nobby Wirkowski
2006 Marina van der Merwe
2005 Merv Mosher
2004 NA
2003 Doug Hayes
2002 NA
2001 Dr. Ron Watson
2000 NA
1999 NA
1998 NA
1997 NA
1996 NA
1995 NA
1994 NA
1993 Ron Murphy
1992 Tom Watt
1991 Glyn Leyshon
1990 NA
1989 Carl Totzke
1988 Dalt White
1987 Jack Kennedy
1986 Frank Tindall
1985 Darwin Semotiuk
1984 John McManus
NA - Not Awarded

OUA Media Award

The OUA Media Member of Distinction Award is presented to a member of the news media who has made a major contribution to the development and growth of Ontario University Athletics
2019 Rob Massey
2018 David Grossman
2017 Ken Welch
2016 Terry Marcotte
2015 Cable 14 - Hamilton
2014 Donnovan Bennett
2013 Darren Stevenson
2012 Mike Koreen
2011 Cecelia Carter-Smith
2010 Mary Caton
2009 Tim Micallef
2008 Morris Dalla Costa
2007 Bill Sturrup

OUA Women of Influence Awards

OUA Women of Influence annually recognizes one female student-athlete from each member institution who has excelled in her sport and field of study.
2013 (PDF)
2012 (PDF)
2011 (PDF)
2010 (PDF)
2009 (PDF)
2008 (PDF)